Religion: Why Are We Losing?

kuuleme DAV photoI recently made a posting on my Facebook Page after being on a feed with Pastors and other various “religious” people. The feed I participated in for a moment really disturbed me, as it ended up getting very ugly for a religious conversation. Here is the posting I made on my page afterwards:

“Note To Self (My 1 a.m. can’t sleep because I’m GRUMPY thought):
“Stay off of Religious Folks and Pastor’s Facebook Pages. Nothing good comes from being on them, as they all seem to be in competition with each other to prove who is more “religious”, who knows the word of God and can interpret it better, who’s house is cleaner, and who is better than who; which then turns into everyone looking like hypocritical, snobbish, know-it-all, rude, uneducated, unfriendly, asshats who only care about making others feel bad in order to promote their own self-worth and self-esteem.”
SHEESH! No wonder I stopped going to church and just study the Bible at home on my own! Did it ever occur to any of these people that:
This is why we have so many different denominations of Christianity, different Religions, and various Cults popping up everywhere??? (Because people think they know the Bible better and they can have a bigger better church) Or that maybe it’s why many people have stopped going to church at all and morals are being lost in this country? Or why some folks don’t believe in God at all?? (Because man keeps screwing the Bible up with their own agendas and attitudes)
MYLANTA!!! People have got to get it together and stop being so RUDE with their HOLIER THAN THOU attitudes!!! That is not the way to draw others to following God’s word or the Bible!

I have always been a very Spiritual person with Christian views and ideology, as I was raised in and grew up in the Church; BUT when “man” puts their own spin, attitude, and agenda on Religion it makes it very hard to want to attend a Church and be apart of a Congregation these days. People have become very snobbish, rude, and condescending when it comes to Religion! Often Hardcore Religious people come off as being very judgemental, holier than thou, and very arrogant when dealing with others. I think everyone is intelligent enough to know that no one is perfect but when you portray yourself to be by putting others down solely based on your personal religious views wouldn’t that be a bit hypocritical and against the teachings of the religion you claim to know and follow?

I was raised and grew up in the church thus, I have always been a very spiritual person with strong Christian ideology. Therefore when man puts their own attitude, interpretation and agenda on religion it makes it very hard to want to attend a church and be a part of a congregation these days. There is an attitude among some of the people who attend church regularly and feel “holier than thou”. They come across as being very snobbish, rude and condescending when discussing religion! These “self-sanctimonious” persons are very judgemental, and arrogant in dealings with others. I believe that everyone is intelligent enough to know that not one is perfect and especially when if you call yourself a Christian. So when you portray yourself to be ‘perfect’ by attitude and putting others down based solely upon your personal religious viewpoint, isn’t that a bit hypocritical and blasphemous in regards to the teachings of the Holy Bible that they claim to know and follow so much more diligently and expertly than anyone else?

Because social media is so one-dimensional, meaning it’s difficult at times to detect a person’s tone and infliction on a statement, people at times type statements that can be misinterpreted very easily through a computer screen. Television shows such as Preachers of LA glamorizes being a pastor in ways that are not typical of what is regarded as “Christian-like” behavior. Shows like that are also contributing to the promotion of mediocrity in our society as well as the downfall of religion, it doesn’t help the religious sector when priests, pastors and other ecclesiastic figures are being caught having adulterous relationships, out-of-wedlock children, molestation, theft from the church, and other various crimes that are not Christian behaviour.

It also doesn’t help any when you can walk into a Church and see the income levels of a Congregation from the front to the back! That doesn’t make one feel very welcomed either! Some folks know what I’m talking about here! I mean big hats and fancy designer clothes in the front, Target and Walmart attire towards the middle, and Thrift Store and Hand-Me-Downs in the back! Another example would be when the Pastor has more gold in his mouth, on his fingers and around his neck, than the cross and drive a Lexus, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, or other expensive vehicle all paid for via their congregation and tides.

Religion was NOT established for people to utilize as a tool to promote themselves and their ego’s, make themselves feel better by stepping on others, or get rich! If you are a religious person you know that the purpose of the 10 Commandments was to serve as a moral guide for living, build good relationships with each other based on love and mutual respect, and to love, honor and obey God. So how exactly does a Christian fighting another Christian play into to the Bible and it’s teachings? How does acting more superior and proving who is more religious accomplish any of the Lords lessons? Shouldn’t you be making sure your own house is perfectly clean before you go and try to clean someone else’s?

The Pew Research Center has done research on religion and the trends going on with people in the United States as far as being religious goes in their lives called the Religion & Public Life Project. Their studies show a rise in the American public that doesn’t identify with any particular religion and the various reasons why people choose not to affiliate with a church . Gallop did their own poll and found that less than 20% of Americans attend church regularly. And also ran a story called 7 Startling Facts: An Up Close Look at Church Attendance in America echoing some of the same results.

If you have the inclination to actually ask people yourselves, you will find out that the answers as to why they don’t are similar. Some will say they just don’t have time, some will say they just don’t believe in organized religion, some will say they don’t have the money, and others will say that they don’t believe in religion or God at all. In the end when you break it all down you will find the underlying cause though. They feel uncomfortable, they don’t want to be judged, and they don’t feel like they are worthy enough to be there due to the bad attitudes put on full display by church members and comments that people claiming to be Christian make.
So I ask you:
Don’t you think we should put a better face on the Christian Religion in our country if we are to gain any ground here? I do believe the old saying ‘You catch more flies with honey than vinegar’ would apply here! I mean really? Would Jesus have a front pew seat, big hat, a fancy car, gold accessories, a mansion, and a bad  “push more people away” attitude?


‘You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’
‘You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’

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11 thoughts on “Religion: Why Are We Losing?

  1. Nice, but everyone has to answer to God for his or her own self. I am Catholic and I am very happy with my faith. I would never try to convert anyone to the Catholic faith unless they asked for help. If someone feels happier in another faith, so be it.

  2. I liked the Blog. You may be a over-stating your judgement of those who are judging others. Be careful there, I understand your frustration but from where I’m sitting, you should just walk away.

  3. Kuuleme,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I grew up catholic, as a child we went to church weekly and attended CCD, my teenage years we went when we could and as an adult I turned into a “Creaster” you know, attending on Christmas and Easter. What I noticed as a child, everybody smiles in church but in the parking lot its every man for themselves getting out. I have faith. I have faith in GOD, the son of god, the trinity and the bible. What I don’t have faith in is the religious institution. Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, the Christian institutions are all the same to me. I have had some abnormal experiences with the institution and understand how unique my experiences are and that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the basket. I’m going to throw them out here, not to bash the church but to hopefully laugh a little.

    I seen the catholic church in action with two different family members, both cousins, one does very well and the other is a hard working middle class. My older cousin was divorced, wanted to remarry in the catholic church and could not until he made a sizeable donation along with an annulment, which he did. My younger cousin lives down state, it is her first marriage to a divorced catholic however her new husband could not afford an annulment or donation and would not be allowed to marry in the Catholic church, so they converted to Lutheran.

    My grandmother passes away, her service is held at the family church, the priest asks for a donation to place a memorial in the church garden for my grandmother. Of course all of the children and grand children provide a sizeable donation to the priest. A month later I see him on the news being arrested for buying the products to manufacturer and distribute GHB with the kids he was counseling.

    Then during my 19 year career as a police officer, my department has arrested several priests for……

    So my wife and I decide to marry non denominational, were both baptized Catholics. We find a reverend, we have a small service in a small chapel. I found out months later the man who was advising me on marriage, trust, faithfulness ran out on his wife with another woman.

    There is a lot of hypocrisy in Christianity just as there is in any other organized religion. I don’t put my faith in man I put my faith in GOD. However, if you find a clergyman, who rides a Harley or drives a hot rod, is trustworthy, speaks the truth and the religious institution look down upon him… give me his number because I will give him a chance.

    So to answer your question, yes I believe we need to put on a better face on Christianity.


  4. Agreed…
    I always say “Take it out of the Pew”
    Look in the mirror and see how you treat others around you.
    “Live the Word” means more than
    “Speak the Word”
    I just finished helping an older, disabled lady renovate her damaged home.
    She thanked me with tears in her eyes and that meant everything!!!
    Awesome Day to be a Christian!!!
    Oviedo, Florida

  5. Damn, Kuuleme, you must be walking in my shoes! You expressed exactly why I don’t feel comfortable in church and long ago sought God in the wilderness on the back of my horse, on foot and even taking a drive. As a child of roughly 10 years young, my cousin told my brother, sister and me we were going to hell because we were members of the Methodist Church, instead of The Church of Christ. Gosh, I guess my parents weren’t given this information and chose the wrong denomination! I’ve experienced quite a few of that type of righteous proclamations, declaring I or others didn’t believe the RIGHT dogma and were destined for a place other than where THEY were sured they’d be. I found it offense and repulsive back then and know nothing’s changed because some adults must claim moral superiority in order to make themselves feel good. I have a deep belief in God but will never go to church to worship him….when a horse and nature bring me much closer to Him.

  6. Few seek after the Truth. It’s the truth as I see it, mostly. None questions what they have been lead to believe. Not having grown up in church I had no ideas about Christianity. None that were good anyway. It wasn’t until I meet Jesus at age 25 (August 14th, 1977) and started reading the Bible did I come to understand that Christianity at it’s core was, is and will always be about a relationship with Christ.

    The hardest people to hold a conversation with are church folk. Everyone parses ever word you say looking for an opportunity to tell you what you said was wrong not according to the Truth, Christ Jesus but according to the illusion of their particular doctrine as it relates to their domination.

    I was saved in a friends basement one Sunday evening. No music, not choir, no preacher giving and alter call. Just him, me and the Truth Christ Jesus laid out plain and I chose to follow Jesus. It was kind of like the movie The Matrix, the Red pill (follow Jesus) or the Blue pill (keep doing what you are doing). It wasn’t much of a choice and not a hard one to make. To say the least: it has been a very interesting journey taking me places, mostly within my self that I had no idea even existed. Jesus didn’t change the world for me. He changed how I viewed and interacted with it.

    Following Jesus isn’t for weak hearts and unmade minds. Salvation is free and a very easy choice to make. Discipleship is very, very expensive and takes you places you more like as not would go on your own. It requires a new commitment to follow each and everyday, eyes on the prize, Christ Jesus who is enough in and of Himself.

    Resistance is futile:
    Php 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
    Php 2:11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  7. George Müller faced the same thing in his day. His father was quite religious but in a way that the young Müller was stifled by. Fortunately he found a group of Christians who saw the scriptures as a challenging guide for their own lives (it’s harder to be a hypocrite when you honestly weigh YOURSELF first). He went on to live Jesus’ commands, caring for hundreds of orphaned children in Bristol, England. The world needs to see more of this kind of Christianity.

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